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December 11, 2018 2 min read

Season’s Greetings! As we welcome this year’s winter wonderland it’s time to put those leftover pumpkins away and whip out the tinsel and mistletoe. The tree may be the focal point inside your home- but your outdoor décor should be just as merry and bright.

If you’re the type to keep it simple, wreaths can be so chic. Some are easy to make using fall and winter pinecones, berries or foliage. If you don’t have the real thing you’ll find it inside most any holiday potpourri. You can also dump a potpourri bag inside a wide vase and use that as an outdoor patio centerpiece.

Save some of those faux holiday berries for a nice spot of color near twigs from your Christmas tree. Grab a few pinecones and some lanterns and you’ve got an eye-catching corner or topping for your deck rail. Lanterns are historically synonymous with the spirit of the season as they were once a main light source. Now, they’re symbolic and in some cultures- there are entire festivals centered around them.

If you have a few more tree twigs to spare, grab some fern, pine cones and faux snow (unless you’re lucky enough to have a real supply!) and create a mini ornamental winter wonderland on your deck. Use a lightweight bulb ornament and a heavier branch from your Christmas tree to help it stay upright.

Decorate your Christmas with joy. If you have any leftover ornaments to spare, find some twine or thin braided rope and hang it across one section of your deck. Use clothespins instead of ornament hooks and you’ve officially decked your deck! If you’d like to space them out, consider adding pieces from your tree in-between, or add some of those bright colored berries.

All is calm, all is bright – especially if you save some exterior lights! Instead of using them all in the front of your house, consider decorating both the front and back. You can hang these in multiple ways, and in multiple directions. May all your days be merry and bright- and best wishes for happiness in the New Year from Imus Industries.


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