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October 02, 2018 2 min read

You don’t have to be a master carver to bring the centuries-old Jack O’Lantern tradition to your wooden deck. So many truly enjoy celebrating “All Hallows’ Eve” because there are so many fun ways to entertain! Whether you prefer spooky, supernatural, strange or simply sophisticated, let your deck be your disguise.

Create a spooky and enchanting ambiance with lights. Place tea lights around the entire deck to draw guests or trick or treater’s outside. Make your own jack-o-lantern paper lanterns and hang a cluster of them from string lights to draw the eye above ground. If you’d like to draw attention towards a specific and spellbinding corner, place another mischievous cluster at ground level.

If you’re not feeling a hair-raising, haunting or spooky bit of deck décor- consider colorful gourds, squash, and pumpkins. These seasonal symbols have long been associated with Halloween and incorporating them into your color scheme is simple. Use leftover baskets or bins and fill them with different types, shapes and sizes of all three different fruits (yes, they’re fruit!). They are eye-catching even if they’re not carved.

If you enjoy pumpkin carving, make it a fun family activity and experiment with different faces and even words like “boo” or “eek”. Placing these carved pumpkins in and amongst colorful leaves or fall flowers will certainly bring an autumnal and Halloween presence. Consider different color pumpkins and incorporate stand-alone varieties like butternut squash. This can be done in one corner of the deck or consider spreading them sporadically around the property for a complete fall undertone.

Last but certainly not least- candy! Make your décor edible by grabbing different kinds and colors and using differently themed platters. Use festive colors in mason jars or vases and place them on top of your deck for a BOO-tiful spread. Happy Halloween!


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