May 27, 2018

In this article, we feature a deck built by Maine Deck Company to demonstrate how they used Imus Seal joist flashing tape and Imus Cap joist caps to flash the deck substructure. This 10’ x 12’ deck required 20 pieces of Imus Cap (1-5/8" x 95") and a roll of Imus Seal (4" x 50').

Imus Cap and Imus Seal packaging

Deck-to-house attachment areas are a common place for water damage. To prevent problems caused by moisture, Maine Deck Brackets were used to create a space between the house and ledger. The Maine Deck Brackets were flashed with Imus Seal.

Cutout for Maine Deck Bracket
Imus Seal deck flashing in cutout for Maine Deck Bracket
Maine Deck Bracket flashed with Imus Seal

After the deck framing was complete, Imus Seal was applied on top of the double 2" x 8" ledger and wrapped around the joist ends to prevent corrosion of the galvanized joist hangers by creating a barrier between them and the pressure-treated wood. Imus Cap was then installed on the joists.

Deck substructure flashed with Imus Seal joist tape and Imus Cap joist caps
Deck structure with Imus Seal joist flashing tape on ledger and Imus Cap on joists
Waterproofing deck framing with Imus Seal deck flashing tape on ledger and Imus Cap on joists

Garapa Gray DuraLife Decking was installed with Fastenator fasteners. The Fastenator system worked well with Imus Cap and the screws easily penetrated the 26 gauge bonderized metal without the need to pre-drill or use self-tapping decking screws as demonstrated in the video.

Installing Garapa Gray DuraLife Decking with Fastenator fasteners over Imus Cap joist caps


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