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September 22, 2018 1 min read

Early autumn is the perfect time to reevaluate your deck décor. For the seasonal change, consider plants that don’t need a lot of attention. Focus on deck maintenance and enjoyment by choosing plants that are low in maintenance.

Succulents are drought tolerant, and contrary to popular belief - they require minimal sun. Some can even get sunburned! Once planted, group the pots together to draw the eye towards one focal point on your deck.

For more eye-catching detail, mix different types and colors of succulents in a larger pot. Do try to keep those colors somewhat uniform so that it doesn’t distract from your outside entertainment and from the beauty that only a wooden deck can provide. If space is a concern, consider sprouting a mini succulent garden. These adorably hardy plants can live in almost anything.

Get creative and use old vases or even wine glasses on top of your deck railing! Empty glass candles are also a unique option.

Need something different to mix in with your angled deck décor? Bamboo is another great, low maintenance plant to use on outdoor decks for both character and privacy. They’re considered evergreens that prefer shade and minimal amounts of water.

While they grow fast in the ground, they sprout up nicely in planters. Treat your outside deck décor like it’s the inside and it’ll feel complete – no matter the season.


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