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November 14, 2018 2 min read

And just like that - it’s Thanksgiving. And so it begins… The holiday season!

The national holiday is wrought with tradition, and many express gratitude by honoring a bountiful harvest and of course, that feast.

Remind your family and your guests of all you’re thankful for- by adorning your deck and your home with seasonal favorites.

Squashes and gourds are harvested in late summer and early fall. Historians remind us that we don’t truly know what was on the menu during the first harvest feast of the early 1600’s, but we do know they would have eaten off the land. Which is why the fruit is symbolic of the tradition. Bonus that they make decorating easy! Throw some sticks and leaves together and place gourds of all colors, shapes, and sizes around or on top of your deck. You can also fill any wooden pallet, box or basket with a variety and you’ve got a decorative harvest in minutes.

Got leftover pumpkins from Halloween? Perfect. Put it on a pedestal.

Pumpkins are not just colorful. The different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties are increasingly popular. They’re an autumn staple and have great decorative appeal- especially if you can find numerous varieties!

Because they’re so large- stick with one on a pedestal or put a two or three in a corner on your deck. If you’ve got enough of a “shelf” railing outside, consider using a few varietals and add some fall colors such as leaves, or twig and berry branches. Faux versions are a great option for this.

Consider colors when you’re adorning your deck with fresh harvest appeal. Mini pumpkins, faux (or fresh!) figs, persimmons, and berries are a lovely option that draws the eye towards your outdoor décor. This can be done in one straight line on your outside railing, or you can add those pops of color to your patio furniture. This is a nice view- even if you’re enjoying those colors from the inside.

The act of giving thanks is an invitation to gather, to enjoy time with family and friends. String or tea lights adorning your deck add warmth to chilly autumn evenings. Abundant acknowledgment is the crux of Thanksgiving and lighting adds a touch of togetherness- especially when the evenings start so early. We are thankful for so much this year- we hope you are too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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