February 10, 2017

Gregg Imus, a licensed contractor with 35 years of experience building custom homes, invented Imus Cap to extend the life of the decks he built. After years of replacing rotted decks, he saw the need for capping joists and beams to increase the lifespan of his client’s decks and to save them from costly future repairs. He used joist tape products in the past and found their application to be time-consuming and difficult, particularly on elevated decks. He wanted a deck protection solution with a rust-free paintable surface that would blend in with the decking material for a high-end finish.

Several years were spent on research and product development to design a joist cap that was easy to install while providing maximum moisture protection. Bonderized metal was chosen for its rust resistant properties. 26 gauge metal thickness was found to be stable in long lengths, easily penetrated by deck screws without the need to pre-drill, and relatively lightweight. Several adhesives were tested to find the best membrane for sealing decking fasteners to keep joists and beams dry. The stability of the membrane in environmental conditions, particularly in extreme cold and hot temperatures, was carefully considered. A butyl rubber waterproof membrane was chosen after it outperformed asphalt and acrylic based adhesives.

Gregg Imus​ inspecting an early version of Imus Cap

Imus Cap became available to purchase through the first retailer in 2014 and became available online in 2016. Since then, builders of high-quality, long-lasting decks cap their joists and beams with Imus Cap.


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Imus Cap

Imus Cap

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